Welcome to Life On The Ocean Wave, a discussion about the merits and feasability of living permanently on board a cruise ship that's been adapted and remodelled specifically to provide for a live aboard situation.

Wouldn't it be nice to live in...

* a place with no crime
* a place without stress
* a place where the weather is nearly always sunny
* a place where you can enjoy your retirement in comfort
* a place where you can run your business
* a place where luxury is the norm
* a place where there is no personal income tax to pay
* a place you can probably sell for a profit


A place where...

  1. * The food is superb, prepared by amazing chefs
  2. * The entertainment is top class
  3. * There's always something to do and fun to be had
  4. * The views are amazing
  5. * The medical facilities are world-class

A place where you can...


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